Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott's Antique Market - Atlanta

I've been away from blogging for a couple weeks because I've been at the Atlanta Gift Show.  I'll have a report on that show shortly, but wanted to share with you my visit to Scott's Antique Market just south of Atlanta.  Scott's could call itself the "Brimfield of the South" if they were so inclined.  Held the 2nd weekend of every month in 2 massive buildings, you'll find anything and everything at Scott's.  When the weather is nice, there are also a host of outdoor exhibitors who often have the unknown treasures that you might not find indoors.  I was impressed with the wide variety of merchandise in all categories.  You wouldn't expect to find an entire booth of cabin and camp antiques in Atlanta, but Linda Davidson from North Carolina exhibits at Scott's and her booth is always filled with some of the nicest Adirondack, Hickory, Camp and Cabin antiques you'll find.  Linda is also a featured exhibitor at the annual Adirondack Museum Show held in Blue Mountain, NY in September. 

The dealer at the right was too busy reading the paper to take note of us checking out his booth, but he did have an excellent range of cabin, camp and sporting items.  Scott's officially opens every second weekend of the month on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  They don't advertise that you can attend on Thursday when the dealers are setting up, but you can and that's the time to go for the good buys.  We arrived at about 9:30 am which was good...maybe a bit too early as many of the exhibitors were just unloading their trucks.  The facility makes it very easy for dealers as you can drive your truck (no matter how large) into the arena, unload and then go park outside.  The admission is $5.00/person which is well worth it.  I always try to catch the show in January and July when we're in Atlanta for the gift show and I've always managed to find good buys to bring back to New England.

Like Brimfield, you'll see just about everything at Scott's.  This advertising cowboy boot had to be 20+ feet tall.  For more information go to  Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Hi, I know it was a while ago but can you suggest the nicest hotel withouthaving a big drive to Sotts antique Market! I know that one is a challenge....I am a traveling antiques dealer and will be at the market for 4 days .
    Bonny Neiman