Friday, March 5, 2010

The Very Talented Jane Jenni

I thought my readers might like to know about the melamine plates and cups and ceramic mugs manufactured by Aunt Sadie's good friend Jane Jenni.  Jane is a Minnesota gal and we were fortunate to meet her through our friend Ellie Garber, a sales representative in the gift industry in New England.  Jane has a wonderfully fun sense of design and she puts her images on all sorts of things.  Of course we carry Jane's merchandise at Aunt Sadie's, but her products can be found in specialty gift stores throughout the US.
I think the Funky Monkey image is my absolute favorite!  This is available on a 9" melamine plate, melamine cup or ceramic mug.  We retail the plates for $9.00 in our store and these are one of our hottest selling items.  You can see all of Jane's designs on her website at .  We have people who come into the store regularly to pick up new designs as they have an entire kitchen wall filled with Jane's plates.

But the fun doesn't end with just plates!!  There are also numerous designs that appear on melamine cups as well.  Most of the designs have both a matching plate and cup.  What great fun for kids of all ages!
And there's even more fun!  Jane Jenni Ceramic mugs.  Available in most designs, these are sturdy and hefty mugs that can withstand the sometimes careless hands of youth!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seth Steward Model Canoe Paddles

I've been a bit lax in posting to the blog of late.  January is a tough month because I'm on the road for most of it at the Atlanta and New York Gift Shows.  But, I'm home now, recovered and back in full swing!  I've posted about Cherry Gallery ( before, but couldn't resist telling you about these amazingly wonderful model canoe paddles for sale on their website currently.  Trust me, if I had a spare $5,600 this month they'd be mine and I wouldn't be telling you about them!!  The images are stunning and these padels are so rare.  Surely these are an amazing investment.  Here's the details: 
Seth Steward Model Canoe Paddles

This is a pair of model canoe paddles made and painted by renowned Maine artist Seth W. Steward (1844-1927) of Monson. One paddle is decorated with a painting of a brook trout chasing a fly on the blade and a canoe on the handle. The other has a painting of a moose on the blade and a rifle on the handle. These are the longest Steward model paddles that we've seen. Dated 1901  5.5" w, 45" long